Thursday, February 25, 2010

You call it a Beer Belly, I call it Body Armor


I realize that this does go against Rule Number 1 from Zombieland, but there has to be some give and take…..and now we have an example to use in debate.

A PUB boss cheated death in a knife attack — when his BEER BELLY protected his vital organs.

Doctors told Snaz Martin, 43, he was "almost certainly" saved by his midriff after a boozy customer stabbed him with a three-inch blade.

The tubby landlord, who runs the Britannia Inn in Gillingham, Kent, said: "The doctor said I could have died but my organs were protected by a bit of extra fat.

"I'm not massive by any stretch of the imagination - I only weigh 13 stone.

"But I do have a beer belly and they're saying that's what saved me.

"I couldn't believe it when he said my beer belly saved me - all I could do was laugh.

"I was laid up for three days in hospital - the knife just missed my spleen and other organs."

The married dad-of-two was rushed to hospital after the bloody attack last January.

He threw customer Paul Whibley, 24, out of his boozer after the thug pulled a knife in a row with another customer.

Minutes later Whibley returned with the knife and stabbed Snaz.

Snaz said: "I just got between them and kicked him out of the pub.

"I told him I wasn't going to have knives in my pub and to just get out.

"It was around closing time and so I then started to lock up."

Livid Whibley started to kick down the pub door to get at the landlord.

He said: "He just came at me so I pushed him back out the pub and followed him out.

"He hit me and although I didn't feel anything at first I then noticed the blood pumping out.

"The next thing was the ambulance came and I was on my way to hospital."

Whibley, from nearby Snodland, was given a four year prison term last week after pleading guilty to wounding with intent at Canterbury Crown Court.

The thug — who hid his knife under a coat — was branded a "dangerous offender" and "significant threat" to the public by cops.

Detective Contable Sean Wareham, who led the investigation, said: "Whibley showed a clear intent on causing an injury by carrying a knife.

"We are pleased the judge has recognised that Whibley is a dangerous offender and poses a significant risk to the public."

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