Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cobra Commander….a Beer Review


Ok, the name of the beer isn’t Cobra Commander….it’s just plain Cobra, but I couldn’t resist.

Anyway, while on this last trip to London, I had a chance to have some Indian food near our hotel at Euston Station.  I was totally indifferent to which Indian restaurant we went to (it’s all the same right?), however Debi found out from the Hotel Bar (bars…is there anything they cannot do?) that there was a local place that was really good.

After a brisk walk and passing 5-6 other Indian restaurants, we soon found ourselves at the Shah Tandoori Restaurant .

The food there was great, and a huge thanks to Simon for guiding Debi and I through the menu (to bad they didn’t havimagee any “Flall”).

I know, this site is about Smokes and Booze, and not to disappoint…I will review the beer they had in bottle there: Cobra Premium Lager.  Think about that for a minute……if you are male, doesn’t that sound cool to say?  Give me a Cobra please.  I almost wanted to put on some sunglasses, throw a match in my mouth and think about Brigitte Neilson. 

Uuugh, I digress….back to the story, Cobra Premium Lager comes in an large (660ml) embossed bottle (props to presentation) and is a blend of barley malt and yeast with hops and the unique addition of maize and rice thrown in.  An alcohol rating of  with 5% abv doesn’t hurt as well.

How did it taste?  I thought it paired excellently with the spicy Indian cuisine.  The beer had a distinctive and extra smooth taste. It was a balance of fullness and bitterness that offset well the various (and overwhelming) spicy foods .

I found the beer to be an outstanding lager, full and somewhat hoppy, with strong fruit hints (I got figs with mine) on both the nose and the finish.

I know, next time I go for Indian….I have high expectations from the bar, Cobra set them.

Now I just have to keep from yelling………Yoooooooooooo Joe!

Here is a commercial from Cobra to close us out.  What makes this commercial even funnier is the “Spy” Simon and I ran into at the hotel bar after this.  If you are in London, a stop at Shah (on Drummond Street) is highly recommended.  Order a Cobra for me :)

Bottoms Up.



    Here is a great guide to Indian Cuisine for Mr Jethro Tull himself, Ian Anderson

  2. Next time, we'll have to sample the Kingfisher, Another "Curry Beer"



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