Saturday, January 22, 2011

If you’re Amish and you’re reading this, then you aren’t Amish

As a kid, I grew up south of Amish country in Indiana.  We used to go up near Ft Wayne to deal with the Amish over honeybees for my Dad.  They are a little odd (even by my standards). 

There is actually a documentary about Amish kids growing up, where they can basically do anything until 21 and then they have to make a decision on their religious beliefs.  It too is based in Northern Indiana.  You learn they get away with a lot of their own little laws, and can ignore some of ours. 

Now you have this story, where they are trying to force a store owner (that they probably do not visit in the first place) into handling merchandise that they approve.  What a crock.  Let the market decide vs regulating morality. 

Dry N. Ind. tourist town fights alcohol permit

SHIPSHEWANA, Ind. — A battle is brewing in the northern Indiana tourist town of Shipshewana over whether a convenience store should get a permit to sell beer and wine.

The Gas America store in Shipshewana has applied for a state permit to sell warm beer and wine in the town that's now primarily dry.

Local businessman Kevin Lambright tells WNDU-TV that Shipshewana doesn't want or need alcohol sales. Since many of the area's Amish residents travel by horse and buggy, he's arranging motor transportation for them to next week's meeting of the LaGrange County Alcoholic Beverage Board, where the permit request will be discussed.

The Shipshewana Town Board also opposes the permit request.

A message seeking comment was left at Gas America headquarters in Greenfield, Ind.

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