Friday, January 21, 2011

Official Beer of Smokes and Booze

Miller Beer has some of the best marketing plans out there.  No, they do flash Super Bowl Commercials, instead…they make funny ads and touch on the pride of America.

You might recall my post Thanking Miller for their support of the IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) .  Well, now they are stepping it up.

Their new campaign?  They want to be the Official Beer of YOU.  That’s right…..YOU. 

By going to the Miller Highlife Website (currently experiencing a high volume), Miller wants to sponsor YOU as a spokesman.  They are even willing to send you a check for $1 to make it official OR you can donate that $1 to IAVA.

It's a world gone mad when it takes billions of dollars to be the official sponsor of some big-time sports star or celebrity. That's a ridiculous amount of money to pay to people who don't need more ridiculous amounts of money. Miller High Life believes in sponsoring those folks out there who really deserve it-YOU. You're out there every day, doing what you do-unabashedly living the High Life, and we believe you deserve to be rewarded for it.

So, sign the High Life contract, and you'll be able to select your signing bonus: a $1 check, $1 donation to IAVA or a $1 coupon (where state law permits). You'll also get a personalized kit-so you can proudly display your sponsorship for all the world to see.

Then, log into Facebook to upload proof you're living the High Life, and you could be featured in an ad or on our Facebook page. You'll automatically be added to the Wall of Fame.

So come one folks, 2 minutes is not going to kill your day, visit the Highlife and get sponsored…..and make that donation to a great cause.

Thanks again Miller….you are now the Official Sponsor of Smokes and Booze.


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