Friday, August 27, 2010

More on Fried Beer – An Interview with the Creator.

As you may have read here the other day, I blogged about a new delicacy in the realm of State Fair Fine Dining – Fried Beer.

Fried BeerI offered up a prize to whoever went out and actually reviewed the product first, but I am happy to announce that I am rescinding that…..due to the fact that the creator of the product himself, Mark Zable, has stepped up to answer a few questions.

While this is the third interview here on S&B, HERE and HERE are the others, this is the first with a “Real” Celebrity. 

So, without further ado….here is more on Mark and his invention- Fried Beer.

  • So, I guess the first question would be, are you from Texas? Yes, born and raised.  Live currently in Plano.

How long have you been dabbling in the "Fried Arts"?

  • We have owned a concession stand at the fair for 47 years.  I started managing it for my father about 15 years ago.  I also owned a wine bar and bistro on Dallas for a short time.

Is this your first entry into various State Fair competitions? 

  • This is my 3rd year to enter the Big Tex Choice Awards and my 3rd year as a finalist.

What other fried items have you made?

  • Chocolate covered strawberry waffle balls.  ( made it into Food Network Magazine) and last year Sweet jalapeño corn-dog shrimp.

As to the fried beer, obviously you will not be giving out the recipe soon (or will you?)

  • I am keeping it a trade secret.  That is the reason I spent $15k to file a patent application on the process.  This is the FIRST alcoholic food ever created!

With regards to the Fried Beer, here are some other questions-

  • How did you come up with the idea? Sitting in a bar looking at the appetizer menu.. Fried calamari, nachos, wings, bor-ing!  Said to my wife, "someone should fry beer" then we looked at each other and new that was our goal was to create it.
  • Could you describe the taste? Tastes like initial bite of pretzel a bit salty with a smooth beer wash down and aftertaste.
  • Are you able to say what kind of beer you use? Currently using Guinness.  I am seeking a partnership with a beer company to co-brand and have had 1 offer so far but I did not feel that beer would increase my  customer interest in Fried Beer.
  • Have you experimented with other types (not just brands) of beer? I can use any liquid product.  After the fair I will be making other alcoholic versions. Since I patented the process of putting a liquid in a dough based product, no one can knock me off.  My next thing I will create is a edible tequila bites!
  • What is the portion size?  At the fair you will get 5 to an order. Cost? 10 coupons or something close to that.


  • What is the alcohol content and were there any complications entering the competition due to alcohol being involved? It depends on the liquid/beer used.  Whatever the alcohol content is in the liquid is what it would be even after cooking. 


  • Now that you are a finalist, when do you find out if you win? The cook-off is on Labor Day.


  •   What is the Grand Prize? A friggin awesome trophy, a plethora of press and a mob of customers.  All great things!


  • Do you have any plans to mass market your product, and how can I get some here in Missouri? I am absolutely looking into mass production.  I can totally see my product in bars and taverns around the globe.  However, a lot of logistics to figure out since most wholesale food distributors are not licensed by state alcohol agencies for delivery and distribution. On the other side, beer wholesalers are not equipped or setup for food distribution.  My product falls down both lines of business.  It is going to take some regulatory negotiations before I can see selling them around the country. Worst case is I have to ship overnight air with dry ice.


How cool is that.  Not only is this the first Alcoholic Food and it’s made with Guinness (a favorite here as S&B), but also  Mark was very kind to actually read the blog and respond to our interview.

We all wish him the best, and look forward to seeing him holding the “Friggin Awsome Trophy” on Labor Day. 

If you want to check out his website, visit him here at

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  1. So do you think he'll take requests?
    I'd like to see a SnakeBite Popper.
    SnakeBite - Sweet hard cider (Woodchuck) & Guinness slowly poured over it in a tall glass to make a two tone drink.
    The Cider takes away the bitter after taste you tend to get with imported Guinness (Not something you get when drinking the real deal in Ireland might I add)
    I remember Snakebite being banned from a lot of pubs in the UK because the for some reason the combination of these two drinks mixed results in rapid drunkenness. It's also increadibly easy to drink!


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