Thursday, August 5, 2010

International Beer Day

I wish I would have known about this sooner.

As the official website indicates:

The purpose of IBD is threefold:
1) To gather with friends and enjoy the deliciousness that is beer.
2) To celebrate the dedicated men and women who brew and serve our beer.
3) To bring the world together under the united banner of beer by celebrating the beers of all nations and cultures together on this one remarkable day

And to commemorate IBD, I share the below chart with you.  Hopefully this illustrates the importance of Beer in America.  Since the deregulation of Craft Brewing by the Carter Administration (not often do you hear me say good things about them), look at the number of breweries that have cropped up. 

Even though it is is also “Happy Hiroshima Day” (starting at 6:15PM CST) and I was thinking of drinking B-52’s, I’ll still hoist a pint tonight at well.



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