Monday, August 9, 2010

A Bloody Debi

HA, that name sounds hilarious….but the end product was really good.

This weekend, Debi was making Salsa.  You see, we focused our garden this year on ingredients to make Salsa and Tomato sauce.  Everything is really easy to grow and both are things that we enjoy (although Tomatoes by themselves are the spawn of Satan).

I digress.

Anyway, one of the by products of her seeding and peeling the tomatoes was all the juice.  This time around, she captured it and strained everything, but what to do with it.

At first she thought Bloody Mary Mix, and I think that was her goal when setting out, however what she made was fairly spicy and so the idea sprung to put Tequila in instead of Vodka.

Thus, a Bloody Debi was born.

Her mix consisted of Garlic, Tomato by product, Hot Sauce (Old Missouri Bushwhacker Brand – General Shelby’s No Surrender_, part of Jalapeño, and salt/pepper (am I missing anything?)….all blended well together.

Add to a glass of ice and Herradura Blanco Tequila (brought to you by some vampire novel Debi likes) and you have an interesting and refreshing drink with lots of bite.

She might swing me to Tequila yet.

Cheers  :)

1 comment:

  1. You're missing wasabi powder, Worcestershire sauce, lime juice, celery and onion, but hey - you were close. :)


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