Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bard’s Beer, a public service

As I stated earlier, we had picked up some new drinks at our local Hy-Vee.

One that caught my eye was Bard’s Gold-“The Original Sorghum Malt Beer”.  Sorghum Malt?  That sounded interesting, and like something I never had before, so I had to check it out.

As always when I try a new type of booze, I visit the companies website to see what I can learn anything, and with this one….I’m glad I did.

At Bard’s Tale Beer Company, their motto is “Discuss it over a Bard’s”.  I love it (and Randy should too).  At the bottom are several bottle caps that say that when you hover over them….the first I chose discussed a Zombie attack.  I was hooked.

Further delving into the company’s background lead me to what truly makes Bard’s unique.  You see, theirs is the original Glutton Free Beer.  Why is that important….allow me to quote:

Until recently, there were over two million people in the United States who were 21+ years of age yet couldn’t sit down with friends to drink a beer.  The Culprit?  Celiac Disease.  Celiacs have intolerance to gluten, a protein found in several common agricultural grains.  As luck would have it, every commercial ale and lager happens to use barley as a base ingredient, which effectively took beer off the table for celiacs.  You can read more HERE.

There you have it…..these guys are Heroes to 2 Million people.

I salute you sirs.

I’m sure, now you are asking… is the beer?

Color- Amber, with a light head when poured.

Nose- Sweet, Molasses and Carmel.  I could drink this for breakfast while eating pancakes.

Taste- Again, very sweet and malty.  It reminded me again of breakfast when I was growing up in rural Indiana, where my Grandmother had Sorghum on the table instead of syrup from time to time.

Finish- Thick and creamy, I would compare it to a cream ale such as Goose Island. 

Overall, I would give this beer a solid 4…but since they are also doing a public service, I give a bonus star for an Honorary 5 Star Brew. 

Excellent work guys.  I know I came away very impressed.

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