Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Movies, Cigars, Rum and Masonry?

The heat has finally broken in MO, at least for the time being, and last night I decided to fire up Netflix and watch a movie outside, while having a cigar.

In preparation, I chose a CAO Gold Maduro paired with a glass of Pusser’s Rum.

CAO’s Gold Maduro is a tightly wrapped cigar composed of Nicaraguan binder and fill, with a Brazilian Wrapper.  The overall cigar is rather mild with hints of vanilla and spice.  The ash held together long into the stick and seemed to help keep the cherry cooler on the draw (this was a robusto).  The total smoke time was approx 45-50 minutes….just in time to get into the good parts of the movie.

Pusser’s Rum is a great one to stock you bar with, and I have reviewed it in the past (HERE).  I would like to add though, that the pairing of this drink with the CAO Gold was near perfect.  Both have a creamy texture and hints of spice and vanilla exhibited, blend almost seamlessly.  I was actually caught a bit off guard, as this was not intended, I just grabbed a random cigar from the Humidor.  If you have the resources (or even if you don't…find them) try this combination.

Anyway, the movie tonight was the Director’s Cut of Aliens

From here, I would like to go on record that Aliens is without question the best sequel ever done (Sorry Empire Strike Back).  It improves on the story, does enough to make it different and succeeds on every level. 

The Mid-80’s Model work is on par with (if not exceeding) that of Star Wars and it is just scary as hell (I still jump when the one “Survivor” opens her eyes…..”Kill Me”).

What also surprised me in watching this movie, how much they smoked throughout.  In the meeting rooms with the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and Ripley, Ripley when she wakes up from a nightmare,  with the Colonial Marines (watch Hicks) and especially Sgt Al Apone, who popped a cigar in his mouth as soon as he came out of hyper sleep.  It was these (any many other) added touches of realism that make this movie work on so many levels, and still carry through today. 

If I were to rate Aliens today…..it is still a SOLID 5 Stars, and definately in the Top 5 best Sci-Fi movies ever.

To round this out, I am sure you are wondering why I said Masonry.  I bet I have seen Aliens 100 times.  Last night, while enjoy myself outside (with a loaded double-barrel at my side….don’t ask), I noticed something I had never seen before.  It caused me to watch the scene 4-5 more times.  I include the grab below (click to embiggen)-image

That’s right, Apone is wearing a Masonic Ring.  Ironically, it is the same one I have as well.

In the end, revisiting classic movies in new settings (for me, outside), with some new elements (Rum and Cigars), leads to a new found appreciation for this dying art (just check the crap Hollywood puts out now).  Give it a try sometime…….and keep an eye out for little bits of trivia.



  1. One of my favorites as well. Another movie with lots of good lines. "Game over man, game over"

  2. If I can just get you to like Ironman


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