Monday, April 19, 2010

Pusser’s Rum – Give me some Nelson’s Blood

In an attempt at full disclosure, I have been a fan of Pusser’s Rum for many years.  I was first introduced to it in the British Virgin Islands and found it to be an excellent stand alone drink.

However, you don’t run across if very often here in Missouri, although I have seen it available at the Tinderbox a few times.  In fact, I tried to special order a unique decanter (now available online) for a Trafalgar Day Party I wanted to have.  To be honest, I think the distributor thought the order way to small to handle and didn’t wish to ship.

Their loss.

Anyway, it appears that Pusser’s is now making a resurgence here in MO (although the bottle I have came from Michigan) and hopefully more people will give this one a try.

To begin with, here a is a quick video on the History of Pusser’s Rum and it’s usage in the British Navy.

Ahhh Yes, those great days when you would get a twice daily issue of 1/2 a pint of rum. 

As a fan of Naval History and Literature (Hornblower rules) you can see why I would gravitate to trying “The Official Rum” of the British Navy.

Like many of my drinks, I normally drink this neat…..although adding water brings out the honey in the flavor and reminds me quite a bit of a heavy mead.

I also wanted to add before I give my notes, that there are varying alcohol levels based on the country that purchase;  Canadian version is 42% ABV, (the lowest alcohol rum that Pusser’s offers), the US version is 48% ABV and the German version is 54%.  So next time I am overseas, I will try and pick up a German Version :)

Appearance-  This rum looks more like a bourbon than a rum.  The deep amber/orange plays the light well and the drink has great legs on the glass.

Excellent nose with heavy rum and oak tones.  I was also reminded of sorghum or molasses with a hint of sweetness.

Taste- The oaky smoothness goes down with almost no “Burn”.  Heavy vanilla and honey (even more so if cut with water) work the palette.  There is a slight peppery aftertaste and I wonder if that comes from the use of wooden pot stills.

In the end, this is probably my favorite high end rum….even more-so than Pyrite.  The unique flavors are definitely a man’s man drink and something that pairs well with cigars (I was doing NUB Cameroon's when tasting) or could even be a good aperitif.

If you want to try something different, this is the way to go…..I truly believe the website’s mantra….it is the Single Malt of Rum.

I give this a 5 out of 5.


  1. My basement Tiki Lounge is now operational, you need to swing around for a toast and grand opening. I even have a Cuban in humidor just for you.

  2. Although interesting enough, I have heard that Nelson was preserved in brandy, not rum. But his corpse can get you drunk regardless!


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