Saturday, April 17, 2010

Saint Vivian

We were at Coolstuff today and I picked up something new for my desk, a statue of St. Vivian, Patron Saint of Hangovers.

While the Catholic Church doesn’t officially “sanction” her as such, they do proclaim her protector of epileptics, the insane, single laywomen, torture victims and headache suffers.  Close enough.

Included was a card with the following prayer:


Prayer to Assist with a Nasty Hangover

O merciful St. Vivian.  I ask that you relieve my nausea, soothe my aching head and calm my upset stomach.  I also ask that you protect me from any loud noises or bright lights and provide me with the sense to avoid further episodes of excessive imbibing.


I’ll let you guys know how well works. 

Now my Buddy Christ has a date ….. :)

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