Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I’m glad I don’t live in Philly

Since the city of Philadelphia cannot manage their own budgets, they have decided to look at legislation to tax Cigars, Chewing Tobacco and Rolling papers.

Considering that the city has a budget gap projected to be $150Mill, you would think they would be going after big money areas….yet if you read between the lines of THIS article, that doesn’t seem the case.

Proposed annual $300 per household trash fees and a $.02  per ounce on sugary beverage tax seem to have now been either rejected or on the verge of…..especially when the Teamsters are involved.

So, instead of focusing on cutting costs and raising taxes that effect everyone, the Council believes this will be a success based on the fact

"An overwhelming majority of Council members will support this measure.  It's at a point where we're trying to find any measures we can find consensus on." - Councilman Darrell Clarke

Under Clarke's legislation, chewing and pipe tobacco would be taxed at 36 cents per ounce and individual cigars at 3.6 cents per ounce.

And what does this sin tax possibly raise for the city?  A whopping $6Mill. 

When will smokers and drinkers say enough is enough?  I guess when Philly turns out like Detroit and is abandoned because services are not provided and taxation keeps getting higher.  Or maybe, when the zombies attack, there will no longer be taxes, yet enough Smokes and Booze for everyone.

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