Friday, April 30, 2010

A bad idea no matter what

Ok, I love drinking games and challenges.  They are some of those things that bring groups together and make just an average night in the pub or house party a bit more enjoyable.

From me drinking a Guinness in 5 Seconds (I still say I made it) to the 100 Beers in 100 Hours…..they are all good fun.

BUT, there seems to be an upward trend where amateur hour comes into play……most notably, the 21 shots on your 21st Birthday.

Not only is this stupid (21 x $4 at least = $84 for something you won’t remember), but it can be deadly……as in THIS Case.

While I don’t want to be anyone’s mother and nag……please drink responsibly, especially if you are new (less than 3 years) to drinking.

If you want to do drinking games, stick to Quarters or Beer Pong.

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