Monday, April 19, 2010

Bar Chairs

I get some funny emails, but today I got one that I thought I would take a look at:

I'd appreciate if you can give me some feedback on our site:
I realize that you are home decor-modern design connoisseur :) I'd like to hear your opinion/feedback on our products. Also, it'd be swell if you can place our suede wassily chair in a bag set in a bag on your blog.
Thank you,

Ok, what the hell.

I will first say, I am not endorsing a product here that I don’t own.  I’m just giving my opinions on pricing and style.  Feel free to give some feedback for Nancy in the comments section below, and….if something looks good, pick one or two up (looking at you Tom, with the new Bar…you need chairs).

Bar stools are one of those things that you have to find the perfect match for.  In some cases Bar Stools tell as much about the person as the liquor itself behind the bar, and looking at the selection here at the Regency Shop, I could definitely see some that would fit my budget and style.

Just looking at their range, three stools jump out at me-

  • Bar Stools Leather (Sale Price $75) A stylish black leather onBar Stools Leather chrome, this modern style chair is art vs form fuction.  I like the lines what appear to be a solid base.  The price is very attractive for a leather product, and this could be something I would see in my house.
  • Bombo Bar Stools (Sale Price $55)  While I might Bombo Bar Stoolsnot see this strictly as a bar stool, I could definitely see have a single one of these around in a corner acting as a tall chair or to be carried out on the deck for Tiki Night.  The rounded curves and low back could be very appealing, and I love the Charcoal/metallic color. 
  • Scoop Bar Stools (Sale Price $65)  I loves me some retro, and these Scoop Bar Stoolschairs scream it.  Lounging back with a martini in hand….man, it doesn't get better than this.  The price is good and it would be easy to pick up a pair.  It would even be fun to have a white AND black one for a high chess table or drink stand.

So there you go.  My opinion, nothing more….nothing less.  I haven’t sat in these, this is strictly my initial reaction.  If you guys like them, or one of the other product, the prices look good.

I would be curious if Nancy were to make any sales from this though.  This is one of the reason’s I am even doing this.  I would love to show marketability through this site, so maybe some of the liquor or cigar distributors will send some samples or gifts my way.  Either way, with the economy the way it is…..we have to pass on whatever deals we can…

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  1. I know nothing about this site, but I can tell you from experience. Always, always try out the bar stool first. I have bought several and the only one I have liked was ones I tried first.


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