Monday, April 19, 2010

Crazy Story

Ok, You know it’s bad when the Cigar Nazis are ticketing store owners, in their own stores and after hours.

Yet, HERE is a story from MA, where that very thing happened.

The shop owner, , had the store closed for over an hour and was enjoying a fine stick in the confines of his private business.  One person spies through the door and in ends in a $100 fine.

Granted, $100 isn't that much…..but given the taxes that states impose on tobacco sales, and I am sure that bites into his margin.

Now, I get the laws to prevent smoking in bars and restaurants (not that I agree with them), but here is a man…..obviously aware of the health issues associated with smoking, in him private area once the doors are closed for business.  Personally, I wouldn't have opened the doors when the cops knocked.

What I particularly find interesting is the draconian “We must protect you from yourself” attitude from Mr. Peter Mirandi, health director of Danvers.  "I'm driven by science, and all our regulations are science based and they're reasonable”.

Hello Peter, I think warnings have been driven down our throats long enough and we are aware of the dangers…….we smoke because we ENJOY IT.

If there is a shining light from this, the shops business has picked up.  I only wish there was a link to his website so we could do remote orders and support him even more.

Here’s to you Mr Cigars-R-Us man.  Thank you for exercising your right of private ownership.

This toast is for you.

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