Friday, April 16, 2010

The Story Continues….

Yesterday I posted about the two Sanitation Workers here in Columbia MO, who are in trouble for taking 50ish Cases of expired beer from the local landfill.

Today this is the NUMBER 1 News story on Google and a few more things are coming out.

One has since resigned, the other is awaiting the outcome of his HR meeting and Police are trying to determine charges.

What I find particularly funny, their violations:

Human Resources officials say three violations were made, including loitering on site, having alcohol on site and using city vehicles for non work-related activities.


Loitering on site?  I bet it took them all of 15 minutes to load up the truck.  I’ll also wager that if you went to the dump, you would find workers standing around and shooting the shit…are they charged with loitering as well?

Having alcohol on site?  WTF?  Really?  They didn’t bring it in.  They removed it.  I anything, Scheppers Distributing Company should be charged with dumping a controlled substance (alcohol). 

The final one of using a city vehicle for non work-related activities is probably the only one that I can even remotely see as a violation, and that one is weak at best.  How many times have you seen “City Vehicles” at HyVee, Walmart, schools (picking up their kids), the mall?  Just last night I saw a Columbia City Vehicle here in Ashland at the Optimist Club while James was at Soccer practice.  Do all of these people receive citations as well?  No.  This is another trumped up charge.

Meanwhile, Columbia Police are trying to determine if this constitutes a “Crime”, specifically…..them stealing CITY PROPERTY.

The real criminals here are Scheppers Distributing Company.  If this beer was going off……donate it to a Charity Golf Outing, give it to a homeless shelter (they are all a bunch of rummies anyway) or just throw a party.  Don’t just throw it away.  What a waste.


  1. While I agree, for the most part, I will say that the use of a vehicle for non work-related activities is one that sticks in my mind. Because others violate the rules it does not mean that one is free to ignore the rule.

  2. Alby - I totally agree, if it's against the rules then so be it. But, do they enforce it elsewhere (which I doubt)? If not as stringent...then a precedent is set and a slap on the wrist is all that is warranted

  3. Hang'm all... high... way up in that tree.


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