Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vodka in the news and S&B’s new title

We have three stories about Vodka in the news today, and two of them are kinda interesting.

In the first (HERE) we learn of the David Barton gym chain that is hosting cocktail hours after “boot camp” training events.

In the second article (HERE) you have a Protein based Vodka called Devotion.  I have never seen the Jersey Shore, nor do I know who Mike Sorrentino is…..but now we booze at gyms and “healthy” booze, I might have to start working out.


The final story involves our least favorite Vodka and it’s spokesman P-Diddy.

In the past we have written about CIROC Vodka (HERE, HERE, HERE), and now we have them claiming to be “The Official Vodka of Summer” (HERE).  While I think it is great that they are rewarding their loyal fans….isn’t it a bit pretentious to make that claim?  I realize it is all about marketing and since “Summer” is not copy written…..anyone can say anything they want about it.  I guess since it is P-Diddy, it’s cool to do.

Therefore, I declare Smokes and Booze to henceforth be referred to as the Official Blog of Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall.

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