Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More reader submissions

I swear, some of the best stuff I get are reader submissions.

This week, both Alby and Jen have submitted a few things-

The initial two are from Alby….and I really love the first one (to bad it is discontinued and was a limited run.

Over at Gizmodo is a review of Tuned Pale Ale which has a beer bottle with pitch notes added to the side (fill to the line) and a box that doubles as a drum.  I can only imagine the drunkfest there.Create an Instrument With Tuned Beer Bottles

Then Gizmodo jumps into the fray again (we know where Glenn wastes his time) and talks about the resurgence of Canned Beer, Why it is better and the Craft Brewers using it.  A very interesting read.

Finally, Jen reminds us of what it was like living in Europe with an article about an Oktoberfest Alternative, the Altaussee Fest in Austria.  Running from Sept 4-7th, this smaller fest encourages traditional dress and is very reachable from Germany (ok, what isn’t).  I think we all fondly remember Fest Tents and Brats…..and I personally loved the smaller fests (especially in the spring) to the masses at Oktoberfest.  The crowds are smaller, the beer is better (actually filled vs 3 inches of foam) and you can get a seat.  Due to short notice, this might have to backburner until next year….but it is something I would definitely put on my calendar.

Thanks Guys.  :)


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