Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gin and Raisin’s do not mix


Ok, this story has so much wrong with it…it’s not even funny (ok, Gin Soaked Raisins is Funny).  First, I totally agree…..she knew WHAT the probation was, so I get that.  However, unless she was roaring drunk (I can’t find more on her story), why is she being saddled with the penalty of non-drinking for a stalking charge?  Speaking of stalking, one of my friends can’t even get the cops to arrest the person who beat up his wife, nor stop the kids how harassingly call his daughter…..yet this woman gets piss tested. 

Secondly, my Mom had chronic arthritis, and I know that very few (if any) of the drugs did her any good.  If this woman says Gin soaked raisins help her….then power to the people.

Finally, she has Lung Cancer.  Perhaps the booze helps there too….but ultimately, does the jail system want to take up the liability for this woman over a minor parole violation?  Who is going to pay for her treatments while she is in?  What happens if she has a serious relapse and becomes a ward of the state?  Logic here dictates, slap an ankle bracelet on her and confine her to her house.  Use the same one that busted Lindsey Lohan.  Then you know if she is drinking and she has to be at home.  Case closes.


EASTON, Pa. — A Pennsylvania woman says she wasn't raising a glass, just raisins. Fifty-nine-year-old Judy Russo is accused of violating her probation by drinking and blames gin-soaked raisins she used to treat her arthritis.

A Northampton County judge sentenced Russo this month to time behind bars after she failed a urine test. Her attorney filed papers Monday saying she turned to boozy berries because conventional medication doesn't work.

Attorney Jason Jenkins said his client has learned her lesson and asked that her sentence be reduced to probation or time served. Jenkins says Russo also has lung cancer.

She had been on probation after pleading no contest to a stalking charge.

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