Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dr. Drew makes me LOL

So, I saw this snip of an interview with Dr. Drew, you know…the Celebrity Rehab guy.

Not only does it make me LOL, but it shows that when someone has an agenda to push, they will say whatever they can to make it looks like they are right.

In this case, Dr. Drew says “I craved nicotine for about five days after’, this right after he admits that he doesn't even remember when he got the cigars (he says he “thinks” when his kids were born).  Of course, he is partnering with Nicorette as a spokesman for battling nicotine addiction, so he needs that real world situation to bond with patients and views.  

I will go out on a limb, calling him a fraud and a liar.  He says that this affects everyone that way, yet I never felt those pangs.  I never felt compelled for 5 days after my first cigar (or cigarettes when I smoke those as well).  In fact, I smoked my first cigar and didn't pick another up for at least 4 years. 

Dr. Drew, quit trying to use child psychology on adults.  You are obviously out of your element here, so just throw the junk science stats out there and let people wade through them if they are so inclined, vs. trying to show you are “hip” like us and then trying to used said experiences as evidence why we should quit.

I smoke cigars because I like to.  Plain and simple.  I also turn off Dr. Drew because I have a choice as well, and I will continue to do so in the future.

(Editor’s Note) – Extra has killed the sharing of the video, but you can still view it by going to their site HERE

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  1. Editor's Note- This came in from Tina via FB. I appriciate her opinion and I gladly give her a chance to speak it-

    NOT a joking matter. Addiction is individualized. Drew is trying to relate to people who smoke. CRS (cant remember sh*$) produces random memory glitches so go easy on him. My poor Mom had a lung lobe removed b/c of cancer and her MV (a hear...t valve) replaced. She smoked since she was 16. Sincerely doubt it was b/c she simply liked to smoke and didn't have withdrawals. In fact, she smokes TODAY. I'll probably bury her with a pack of cigs. I've taken care of 30-90 yr old smokers who CANT BREATHE anymore. Many have nicotine patches. Some patients NEVER get off the vent (breathing machine) and die on the vent which aint pretty...

    I have my own vices, but please hear me out occasional and daily smokers. Dont kid yourself by joking around or living in denial - QUIT SMOKING! I know it can be done b/c I quit when I was 24. It was damn hard to do without a relapse, but I did it and you can too if you commit. <<< Stepping off soap box >>>


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