Monday, March 22, 2010

Obama Settles Beer Bet With Yuengling


Well, after some of the greatest hockey I have ever see…..somebody has to lose.  As far as the Olympics goes, it was the USA to Canada in the Gold Medal match, but as far as beer goes….the jury is still out.

You see, typically during these type of events, politicians like to place friendly wagers and loser sends the winner something their region is famous for.

President Obama and Canadian Prime Minster Harper can’t get this right, instead with Harper wanting a case of Molsen.  While not a BAD beer, why didn’t he ask for something unique from the US?

On top of that, Barry sent an additional case….a case of Yuengling.  At first, I thought….WTH is that?  But a little research showed it to be America’s oldest brewery.  Ok, that is kinda cool…..but I really do believe it was for posturing.

First, Yuengling is cheap.  At $21 a case (bottles), it is cheaper than Michelob Ultra or Amber Bock.  Hell, it’s almost the same price as a case (bottles) of Stag, which I would prefer to get.

Secondly, it’s a regional beer that nobody has heard of outside of PA and part of the east coast. 

Finally, the presser says that is the President’s preferred beer.  I’m sorry, but I have to call Bullshit.  If you recall the famous “Beer Summit”, BO drank a Bud Lite in an attempt to connect with the average man.  Now you expect me to believe that the President of the United States, a person catered to the world over prefers a micro-brew in the middle of nowhere and settles for Bud Lite at home?  I think it is an attempt to garner attention for some lobbyist or friend tied to the brewery. 

Considering previous gaffes (iPods and DVDs), why do I get the impression that the Whitehouse told some staffer to run to 7-11 and “Pick up something American”.  To bad they didn’t get something good like Sam Adams.

Way to go Barry.  Way to go……………


                 (I’m sure he’s thinking…..WTF is this)


  1. To be fair, the entire east coast, and south (like Atlanta) has a hard on for Yuengling. That being said, Schlafly's rules and Yuengling is bland shit.


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