Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Star Wars and Beer


So, after watching the fantastic movie Beer Wars, I was wondering……what would Star Wars be like if crossed with Beer?  Now, I know all of you that attend Cons have probably tried all the nuance “Star Wars Cocktails”, but imagine the marketing of beer as it stands today.

Enter my best friend GOOGLE….and behold the results:



While the ARTOO’s looks good, it actually reminds me more of a soda can than a beer can.  I mean, other than a Jawa….who else could get excited about pounding a few Droids?  Plus, remember THIS Pepsi campaign?


Now I like this one.  Subtle and tastefull….yet only a true geek would get it.  I could see Burt Reynolds smuggling some of this across state lines.


Meh…..I could live it or without it.  Although this is one of two Heineken Parodies in the list.


Here you have built in marketability and name recognition with Billy Dee.  You know he was only given a TOKEN payment for Star Wars anyway…so this one makes perfect sense.  Help a brotha out and pick up some Hoth 45.


Now this strikes me as to what the guys at Lucas Marketing would come up with if they ever did sign off on a beer line.  Some people have to much time on their hands.


And finally, Imperial Stout Trooper.  The label looks almost real doesn’t it.  How about ….because it IS.  Brewed for a limited time (now since discontinued) by New England Brewing, this beer even scored high by reviewers.  I know if it would have ever been made local….it would’ve been a staple at our house.  Great Job guys.

Rather than slaying our childhood by re-working and editing already classic movies, plus putting out crap like the prequels…..George should be focusing on maintaining the brand to a grownup generation…….the beer drinkers that we are.

BTW….what would Yoda think of all this?


I think he is just fine

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  1. That explains why Yoda looks like he does. That will be us in a few years :)


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