Friday, March 5, 2010

Is it a Vodka or a Sex Act?

*****Warning, this one could be considered sexually Graphic*****

I want to get into marketing.  It seems like the greatest job in the world, almost as good as NASA, where you just sit around and think things up……and believe me, I HAVE Ideas.  However, nothing as good as the Einsteins at 3-Olives.

Thee Olives Vodka is an ENGLISH (I know, I struggle with that as well) Vodka that began production in 1989. Since then, they have expanded into over 17 flavored Vodkas, of which…..I have tried none.

This is going to change with their newest flavor…..RANGTANG.

RANGTANG is a “Delicious blend of outrageously juicy oranges and tangerines”.  I could see it making really good screwdrivers…..especially since the marketing team didn’t do a Google Search to see if the name had any other connotations.

You see, Rangtang has another meaning.  I point you over to Urban Dictionary to read it yourself, so please consider yourself warned…….HERE

Now, you see why Screwdrivers are even funnier.

But it doesn’t stop there……not only did the Marketing staff come up with a doozie name, but their advertising campaign rocks as well…..

When you go the the Thee Olives Vodka website, you are greeted by a woman with bulging eyes and a ball-gag in her mouth…….saying “Open Wide”.  The screen fades to then ask you “What’s your RANGTANG O-FACE?”. 

I can’t make this up.  It’s awesome. 

Click the screencaps below to enlarge.




Given all these innuendos, I find it hard to believe that those Marketing guys are not just laughing their asses off right now at an inside joke.  I know I would be.  I also know that the first time I see this stuff, I am picking up a bottle and reviewing…….the name is to great.

Man, I can’t wait until someone makes some DVDA Gin.

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