Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blue Moon’s Rising Moon….worse than Twilight


My town is a small town, and sometimes beer pickings at the local can be slim at best.  So when you see something new, you want to pick it up and try it right away, but the results might not be as good as advertised.

Today I stumbled across a Blue Moon Seasonal….Rising Moon.

Advertised as a Wheat Ale brewed with Kieffer lime leaves and lime peel, I thought it might have an interesting zest to it that might be a good change of pace.

Color – Heavy Amber hue with a slight (but thick) head 

Nose - Heavy Malt with no trace of Lime.

Taste- Bland, with slight malts and overall disappointing taste.

Finish – Only a hint of lime, slight evergreen aftertaste.  If that sounds like bathroom cleaner, it’s actually what it reminded me of.

What a mess.  I was expecting something along the lime flavors that other beers are putting on the market, but this had almost none.  When your aftertaste is compared to bathroom cleaner, you know you are in trouble, and I don’t think I would serve this beer to any of my friends.  The only way I would drink more is if it was brought to our house for a party, left and was the only thing remaining to drink.

Definite downcheck, and I would rate this beer .5 Stars out of 5 (yes…that bad). 

I could see this (and all the other Blue Moon variants) being the theme beer at a Twilight Party.  At that point, I would pull a Shia and smuggle my own booze in (towards the bottom of the page). 

Maybe he IS a werewolf.


  1. okay i totally have to disagree i've had so many different beers and i like so many different beers like new castle used to be my favorite untill i tasted rising moon now i cant wait for it to come out in spring it is by far my favorite beer it tops any beer i've ever had and i'm not the only person i know that likes it but maybe this guy got a bad batch or something? Cuz in my opinion you should never try a beer just once you have to test it multiple times before u get a clear taste of it.

  2. @ Dirsty.

    Welcome to America where everyone has opinion.

    That being said, why should I have to buy multiple 6 packs of a beer to decide if I "Like it"?

    Instead, companies should focus on quality and WOW consumers at the first purchase.

    I have pretty complex tastes when it comes to beer, and I have drank more than my fair share over the years. This one ranks towards the bottom...fair and simple.

    I almost made a comment that you went from New Castle to the Blue Moon....and the desparity therin. Yet I get it at the same time.

    Sometimes I like Stag (actually, I could drink it all the time...but Debi doesnt like it), my faithful beer is Guinness. I like a few in the InBev products and I love a lot of different Microbrews.

    But at no point have I ever revisited a beer if I had a "Bad Batch". If their quality control is that lax....why should I bother. I have to many favorites to revisit if that happens.


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