Monday, March 1, 2010

Shame on you Toyota

You must live under a rock to not know about the recent manufacturing defects with Toyota and the current recall.

In fact, I wonder how bad it REALLY is….as I am reminded of the scene with Ed Norton in Fight Club….

Anyway, Toyota is currently running a contest to Sponsafy a Toyota NASCAR.  What exactly does Sponsafy mean?  Well it is one of those made up words that basically means design the sponsor logos and place them on a car.

Kinda cool, but not really something I would pursue.  However, Rick over at Pints for Prostates did a very fine entry, one that I thought was tasteful and a potential winner (especially after seeing some of the drek in the gallery).


The design is simple, yet packs a message.  I think he did a great job.

However, the suits at Toyota had different opinions- (from Rick’s Blog)

Amazingly, Toyota Racing has rejected the design saying it "Contains offensive or inappropriate content." Really? What is offensive about a car design that encourages men to pay attention to their health? Using the universal language of beer to reach men with an important health message certainly cannot be inappropriate for a sport that was once sponsored by a tobacco company and has had cars sponsored by beer, spirits and wine brands for decades. Makes you wonder if Toyota has something against men's health?

"Contains offensive or inappropriate content." ?!?!?!?

You gotta be kidding me.  I have seen far worse at NASCAR events, and I dread the day I have to explain Enzyte to James.  The fact that it has a beer on the hood should be of no consequence, especially given NASCARS history (former moonshine runners) and Anheuser Busch being such a major sponsor of the sport sets the precedent that beer advertising is ok.

Of course, if this were a pink car and was promoting Breast Cancer awareness….it would be fine (need to get that female viewership up).

This is again another bad PR move for Toyota. 

Please join me in emailing Kym Strong ( of Toyota Motorsports and Greg Thome ( of Toyota Corporate Communications, to let them know know how stupid this decision is.  Use the subject line "Race the Pints for Prostates Car”.

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