Thursday, March 4, 2010

Meet Lorna Gobey - A True S&B Hero


Meet Lorna, who recently turned 100.  While this isn’t unusual, lots of people live to 100 nowadays, what she attributes it to is definitely Smokes and Booze material.

Lorna smokes 20 Sterling Superkings Blue cigarettes a day, and has gone through over half-a-million cigarettes since her first one in 1940….the first year of the Blitz of the Battle of Britain.

She attributes her longevity to her fun-loving lifestyle and said her family ''wouldn't dare'' tell her to stop smoking. 

'People try and tell you it's bad for you but my family wouldn't dare ask me to stop. If they did, I'd put them across my lap and give them a slapped bum.

'I like my smokes, a drop of whiskey and Guinness and I still love to play skittles (Bingo). Perhaps it's part of the reason I have lived for so long. I never thought I'd make it to 100, but I have. I'm quite amazed really.''

Her son Bob Fisher, 66, said: ''She smokes faster than the rest of us and still loves a drink. She loves bingo, playing a tune on the mouth organ and riding around town in cars.''

Her favorite drink is a shot of whiskey with a Guinness chaser.  Talk about my kind of woman.  I only can hope that I am at that level when I hit 100.

Happy Birthday Lorna……and may you have many many many more.


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  1. But she didn't. She died a little over a month after this post was written.

    Her way wasn't my way, but I admire a woman who lived as she chose with no one daring to stop her. That is one tough old broad who has to be admired by the rest of us amateurs.

  2. This is my Great Grandmother - although i don't drink or smoke, I still loved her attitude to life. And although the phrase is cliche, it was similar to a 'You Only Live Once' kinda lifestyle :) x Go Great Nan Gobey!


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