Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Booze in the News

A few stories in the news this week that I thought I would touch on real quick.

What is going on in Pennsylvania? Maybe Chris C. can shed some light on this, but I really don’t get it.

First we have Troopers raid popular bars for unlicensed beers, where Excise Police raid a series of Pubs (Owned by the same people) and confiscate $7200 worth of stock.  Beer that had been legally purchased from licensed Pennsylvania distributors and had paid all the necessary taxes.  What was the crime?  The brewers and/or importers failed to register the proper names of the brews with the State and pay a $75 fee.  I’ll let you read the rest of the story yourself, but needless to say…I would be up in arms over the lack of respect for property rights (the beer will probably go off by the time this is settled) and failure to face their accuser.  Thanks for submitting Rex.

In the next story, we have Distributors responding to a proposal to allow grocery and convenience stores to sell beer in in PA.  The use fear tactics such as loss of jobs, going out of business, more underage drinking and finally more problem drinking because beer will be more readily available.  Seriously, WTF.  Other states have allowed this to happen, and we are not drunken underage slobs who are on welfare (well….not ALL).  This is just another case of politicians trying to maintain their stranglehold. 

Again, what is up with PA?

Also today, we have news that Glenmorangie launched a new website for their brand Ardbeg Rollercoaster.  I haven’t seen it here locally, and again the US Government tries to prevent us from buying liquor via the internet (particularly from other countries), so it might be some time before we get a review of this one.  What is particularly interesting on this one…..they increased sales by £500,000 in  a week.  This is huge for the Scotch market and a great marketing decision on behalf of Glenmorangie……vs this one by Thee Olives.

Finally, we have something a little different.  A man built a home from trash and a million beer bottles.  Vid below.

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