Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hollywood Amateurs


I bet you never would have thought you would see the names Madonna and Shia Labeouf on my blog.

To be honest, neither did I (especially after Crystal Skull).

Yet, today we have some news stories from the Oscars that show how Amateur these two are at drinking.

First we have THIS story about Madonna.  Apparently she attended a swank pre-Oscar Party hosted by Elton John. 

Of course when she get’s there, she starts screaming because she cannot have a drink made with her favorite vodka, Belvedere.

Did I fail to mention that the party was sponsored by Grey Goose?

Holy crap.  If someone invited me to a party that  had a booze sponsor and was FREE…..the last thing I would do is cry because my favorite mixer wasn’t available.

imageI’m sure Belvedere is happy though about the publicity.  I’d wager that Madonna gets several cases free for this little tryst.  Hell, they might include her in the adds……she airbrushes well.


The next story pertains to our Hollywood Goldenboy Shia Labeouf.  We all know what a horrible actor he is (See Crystal Skull or the Transformers movies), but I never knew he was a boozer as well.

It seems that Oscar-nominated actress Carey Mulligan is dating Shia and had warned him about drinking at the Oscars, saying he needed to be on his best behavior.

Well, if it’s on my blog….you know where this goes.

I guess when you sneak a bottle of whisky into the event and drink alone in a corner, some people don’t see that as best behavior.  Myself, I call him an Amateur because he could have been livening it up, socializing and really making a name for himself….Hollywood needs another Dean Martin or WC Fields. 

Hopefully he learned a lesson from this, if you are at a party….nobody likes a Debi Downer.  Who knows, at the rate Hollywood is going, he could have gotten drunk, destroyed the bar and then been cast as a young Tony Stark in Ironman 6. 

He started off well with an earlier interview, where he said

“I had to give up scotch, because it turns me into a werewolf - and cigarettes too.”

Now dude, if you are going to make claims you are a werewolf….you gotta back that up, not sit alone and drink in a corner.


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  1. Shia needs to grow the hell up... if he is going to play the "crazy" card he needs to look at the pro; aka, Gary Busey.

    ~ "You know what `SOBER` stands for? It stands for `Son Of a Bitch, Everything`s Real!"


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