Monday, March 29, 2010

Watchdog or Booze Whiner…You Decide

I recently ran across an article published by the Marlin Institute (alcohol industry “Watchdog”), in which they point out that the following states have not raised beer taxes in 50 years (or More) : Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

This article goes on to point out that

“This is graphic proof that Big Alcohol lobbying efforts are extremely effective at preventing sound public policy and balanced state budgets,” said Michael Scippa, advocacy director at Marin Institute. “Their well-funded influence peddling is especially effective when coupled with generous campaign contributions.”

Come on people.  This isn’t a watchdog group, but more likely a group promoting temperance. 

Perhaps Beer Taxes haven’t been raised in these states due to the will of the people.  States that think Sin Tax is evil.

Just because there have been no raise of taxes, that doesnt mean the EVIL Beer and Liquor lobby is running the show. 

I’m not an alcohol or tobacco lobby, and I know I totally disagree with any laws that punish me for being a consumer, and that is exactly what this type of legislation accomplishes.  In fact, I am proud that MO is in the 30-40 year range.

A quick review of their WEBSITE show’s their true agenda… banning of alchohol.


  • Stop Alcopops – Banning of drinks such as Mikes Hard Lemonade, because it *GASP* is causing children to drink.  What a bunch of shit. 
  • Stop Alcoholic Energy Drinks – Hey, I hated JOOZE too, but I shouldn’t be able to dictate a ban.
  • Out of Home Advertising - Marin Institute's Charge for Harm campaign aims to hold Big Alcohol accountable for the tremendous harm its products cause. 

Groups like this and MADD strive to impress their moral good upon the people under the auspices of “It’s for the Children”.  Give me a break.  Our son has been around alcohol his entire life, and he is an intelligent child that realizes it is his choice.  We don’t offer, he knows he has to be 21 to drink and when he get’s there….he will make an educated decision. 

Do we really need groups like this in society?  How much is the operating budget of the Marlin Institute?  I bet if you took all these groups and cut their funding, it would have a better impact in the communities.

I guess this is why homebrewing is up… keep other peoples morals and taxation aspirations out of my home.


  1. here here. Blue laws suck donkey dong. Between the religious right trying to ban booze because its sinful, and nanny state progressives trying to ban everything fun for public health reasons, a man can't enjoy a rare steak, cigar, glass of scotch, and cheap black tar heroin anymore without being bombarded on both sides.


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