Monday, March 29, 2010

42 Below just went out the window

There are some crass things in this world.  I should know, I’ve done a lot of them…..but that is irrelevant.  Of all the things I’ve done, I’ve never disrespected a Veteran’s Memorial.

Now there is a product that has done just THAT, 42 Below Vodka.

During the recent finals for the 42 Below Cocktail Worldcup in New Zealand, the 42 logo was shone on the National War Memorial .  image

While appalling and in poor taste, what I think is even worse are the following comments and actions:

“42 Below chief executive Paul Dibbayawan apologized last night but blamed independent organizers.

"The final of the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup ... was organized by an independent events company and the decision to project the 42 Below logo on the carillon was theirs. However, it was our event and we take full responsibility for this action.

"In light of this oversight we would like to offer the RNZRSA a donation of $420 and a case of 42 Below vodka." “

$420???? Give me a break.  What a nice tongue-in-cheek way to get the number 42 out there more.  Plus a case of Vodka.  Who do these guys think runs the memorial……Madonna?  Throw in the coy “It’s not our fault answer” and you really get a clear picture of the type of company 42 Below Vodka is.

Vodka has really gotten some bad publicity lately.  With Madonna, P-Diddy and now this, if I were a distiller, I know how I would succeed….just do the opposite of these idiots.

Oh well.  I know what my next vodka purchase will NOT be, and considering how many veterans troll this blog, I can almost assume what theirs won’t be as well.

Cheers 42 Below… make my selection process easier.

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  1. Wow. Their blame shuffling apology was lame enough, but their self serving donation just takes the cake. I know what I won’t be buying anytime soon.


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