Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stonemason Wine…..not just for Lodge


Not to long ago, Debi picked me up a few bottles of Stonemason Shiraz 2004 from Ballast Stone Wineries in Australia.

While not much of a wine fan (I’ll drink it, but seldom go out of my way for it), this is one of the few wines that I have gone looking for and restocked up on…although to be fair, there is some  nostalgia with the Plumb -line on the bottle and the name Stonemason. 

The wine itself is fairly dry with great acidics that would pair well with Red Meats and pastas (with red sauces). 

Color – Very Nice medium and deep purple.

Nose – Fruity (with hints of Plum) with a slight flower undertones.

Taste – Bold, with a combination of red fruit, berry and plumb. 

Finish – Dry, slight acids and vanilla with an excellent aftertaste on palette.

As a relatively cheap wines (approx $15), the Stonemason range (not just the Shiraz) would make a great additions to your cellar, especially when you have those special Masonic Dinners. 

I would give it 3.5 Stars out of 5.

Stonemason Shiraz is currently available locally at Tinderbox Vino100 in Columbia MO and through various online outlets.

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