Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It’s gotta be better than the one in Amsterdam

While we were in Amsterdam, we stopped by the Vodka Museum (towards the bottom of THIS PAGE). It was lame and really nothing more than a sales pitch to get you to buy Vodka vs any history.

This one looks more interesting….Road trip to Moscow!

PS- Hey Voda Magazine, did you know that Vodka may come from “Voda”, Russian for Vodka?

­Moscow Museum of Vodka

Although vodka’s origins still remain unknown, it is argued that this bread wine, as it was initially called, appeared in Moscow in the 15th century, while the word “vodka” may have come from “voda” or “water.”

At the Moscow Museum of Vodka, you can learn all about the drink’s 500-year history.

Few foreigners and even Russians know that during the times of Catherine the Great, virtually every nobleman produced vodka on their estate and had their own vodka brand; or that before the late 19th century, vodka was not bottled – instead, it was actually sold by the bucketful.

The legends also say that the perfect alcohol content of vodka (40 percent) was discovered by prominent Russian chemist Dmitry Mendeleev.

However, specialists say, it had more to do with taxes: since distilled spirits were taxed on their strength, 40 was the ideal number to simplify the calculations.

Apart from learning more about history, a visit to this museum brings insight into Russian drinking culture and traditions.

“We have one peculiar custom in Russia that was introduced by Peter the Great: the ‘punishment drink.’ If you’re late for a party, you’re punished by having to down a shot of vodka. Only, if it was Peter’s party, it was a whole goblet – sometimes, guests even fainted because it was too much!” tour guide Mira Yagofarova told RT.

While you explore the world of vodka, you can also have a shot.



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