Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Quick Hits Vol 1

Sometimes I go and have a beer (or three) somewhere and there isn’t enough to write a full review.

I think I will file these events away and periodically put together some quick comments about each location.

So today I thought I would do three local establishments in CoMO- Shakespeare's Pizza, Teller’s and Bennigan’s.

Shakespeare's Pizza (the original Downtown)- We stopped by during the ShowMe Games for SAM_0375the players to get some pizza.  It’s easy to see why this place is a CoMO Classic.  Great Pizza as usual (Debi was the one who got me hooked on their Artichoke Heart Pizza) and they have a reasonable Beer List as well. If we can just get the Budweiser off the menu, it would be a perfect . 

A+ Food and a perfect family atmosphere where adults can have a pint and kids can beg for pizza dough to be thrown at them (you have to go there to find out).  Definitely worth the stop.

Teller’s – This was my second stop before meeting up with Tom at the Hookah Lounge a few weeks ago.  I was hoping to say Hi to some friends, but everyone was out of town.  Instead I spent about an hour chatting with the bartender, watched some SAM_0387MMA and enjoyed a few drinks.  I personally like the food at Teller’s, but the bar is what makes it for me.  They have an excellent selection behind the bar (one of the few that has Red Breast) and the pours are excellent.  My main drink of the evening was a double Balvenie Neat (see pic of the goodness), although I did try the Tall Grass Oasis that they had just placed on tap.  Oasis has a nice combination of heavy hops and malt and totally took me by surprise.  I believe that Teller’s is the only bar in CoMo to carry this on tap (I don’t know about 1839 Taphouse.  I wish they would get their website finished), so it is well worth your time to stop by and check it out.  Finally, behind the bar they had a liquor infusion going on with Hendrix Gin and Cucumbers.  This is something I will definitely try this summer….talk about a cool refreshing drink.  Excellent.  BTW, BEST Spot in Columbia to people watch.

Finally, Debi and I attended a charity event for Children’s Miracle Network that was held at the Columbia Courtyard Marriott and we showed up a little early.  Since the hotel has a Bennigan’s Attached, we thought we would stop in.  I

I was particularly excited to see their new promotion of a “True Pint SAM_0397and a Bit More”.  Of course you can’t mess up a good Guinness, but you can have poor service….and that Ladies and Gentlemen is my biggest pet peeve.  We were the only people at the bar when we came in, yet the bartender was more occupied with running food to other parts of the restaurant (not just the bar section).  While we were there, three other groups came in an he was waiting their areas as well.  We waited at least 15 minutes for our food, and the wait between drinks was almost unbearable.  The service was so slow that one customer who came in after us (obviously pissed) interrupted us paying our bill just so he could get the bartenders attention to tell him their food was cold.  What added insult to injury was the FOUR people standing around as greeters.  Attention to the management of Bennigan’s.  I love the food, I love the drinks….but if you have a bartender, KEEP him behind the bar.  Nothing is more frustrating than watching a highly specialized position being tasked to work other areas to cover for light staffing.  I get if he is serving food at the bar, but that should be the extent of it….not working other sections as well.   This experience will make me think twice before I go to Bennigan’s again.

There you have it folks, a two excellent local bar/restaurants and one mediocre chain.  About what you would expect. 

If you are looking for great food and a drink in Columbia, head downtown….you won’t be disappointed.


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  1. I want to add a comment that the manager at the local Bennigans has contacted me and addressed all my comments.

    He even offered to make amends and it is 100% my fault that we missed a "Make-up" meal this last Sunday. Who schedules soccer games on a Sunday anyway?

    So, to make a long story short, I am very happy to see that they take the comments seriously and I look forward to pleasant experiences again at Bennigans.



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