Friday, April 29, 2011

The Ultimate Guy Gift


I totally get this one.

So many times, women think they are getting the perfect “I love you gift” for their significant other. You know the gifts- flowers, a sweater or tie, books or even the dreaded “Romantic Dinner”.

Now I just want to go on record that these things are not bad…..but they really highlight the differences between men and women.

Sometimes a guy just wants to sit in his “Man Cave”, watch his favorite team and have a beer.

Enter Beer Bouquet.

After three easy steps on-line, you can have shipped to your significant other a Bucket (with his favorite team logo on it) full of peanuts and beer, plus a custom message.

While the starting price of $49.99 might seem a little steep, I would bet that he keeps that bucket far longer than any of the aforementioned gifts, and he will ALWAYS remember where he got it.

Bucket Logos covers the big the Big 5 (Hockey, Basketball, Baseball, Nascar and Football) and the also have Ultimate Fighting (do you notice this Glenn?), Seasonal (St. Patrick’s and Valentine's Days) and they even show support for our Armed Forces. Outstanding.

Beer BouquetCurrently, it appears they have 18 different beer companies to choose from (including Guinness and two Non-Alcoholic Selections) plus a variety pack.

This is such a cool idea, I have to applaud the genius who thought up the idea. I know a few people that will be getting them from me.

Keep up the great work.


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