Monday, April 11, 2011

I can smell the lawsuit coming

What is sad, is that human error is going to cause someone to lose their job and yet the parents are assuming no responsibility here.

I know, WHENEVER we took James anywhere when he was a baby, either Debi or I took a quick sip of their drink to make sure it was OK.  It’s what you do as a parent to protect your child, you trust no-one.

I saw the parents last night on the local news and you could just tell they had dollar signs in their eyes, no matter how profusely Applebee’s apologized. 

I say they be thankful that their child wasn’t hurt and be more cautious in the future.

My favorite quote from the article - "Nobody at the table ordered alcoholic drinks," said Dill-Reese. "So, he definitely shouldn't have received one."  Ummmm….so does that mean if someone did order a a drink at the table, it might have been ok for the baby?


Toddler Rushed to Hospital After Reportedly Being Served Alcohol at Applebee's

A 15-month-old boy was rushed to a hospital after he was accidentally served alcohol in a kids' meal at a Michigan Applebee’s, reports.

Taylor Dill-Reese, the boy’s mother, said her son started acting strangely Friday at the Madison Heights restaurant after drinking from his sippy cup what she thought was apple juice. When Dill-Reese tasted the drink, it turns out it was margarita mix, according to

The boy was taken to the hospital, where he was examined by doctors. The family later learned the boy’s alcohol level was .10 – over the legal limit for an adult driver. The boy was later checked out of the hospital.

"Nobody at the table ordered alcoholic drinks," Dill-Reese told the station. "So, he definitely shouldn't have received one."

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