Sunday, August 11, 2013

Want Some Rye? Course ya do - Bulleit Rye

I grew up a child of the 80’s. 

Some of my most influential moments took place in front of Mikey C.’s TRS-80, as we tried to make the talker program say dirty words and we pushed the envelope on the old Zork Games when it came to that Princess.

Later, when Return to Zork came out in the 90’s…I thought there would never be a greater game in existence. 

Long before I moved from Beer to Liquor….I knew I wanted some Rye with Boos Miller.

Fast forward many years….with me walking through the local ABC store (more on that for a later post) trying to decide what to start stocking the bar with, since GingerMeatloaf was coming to town – and I didn't know I had a bottle of Scotch coming in.

Spotting Bulleit bourbon…I notice a label next to it, one I had been meaning to try….and as soon as I saw it, I heard ol’ Boos’ voice in my head.  I knew I had to have it.   Bulleit Rye.


The second in the line from The Bulleit Distilling Company – Bulleit Rye (distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana) builds off of the their bourbon line, which has a 28% Rye Content, and really smacks you in the mouth with one of the highest rye contents in the business at 95%.  In fact, some people might mistake the 95% on the label as alcohol content – which it is not.  Bulliet Rye in 90Proof or 45% ABV.

Bulleit Rye Review-

Served – On ice Rye

  • Appearance – A dark golden hue
  • Nose – Fruity (Cherries), front end spice and a hint of tobacco (fine cigar) and brine.
  • Taste – The viscous and silky mouth feel is the beginning of the experience, to be followed by a fistful of spice…right in the kisser. When I saw the flavors are a cornucopia – I am not exaggerating…each glass seemed to add a layer of complexity.  Nutmeg, Coriander, Vanilla and even a touch of mint.  A clean oak taste rounds the middle of the palette and this drink’s finish has a beautiful burn with hint of raw cinnamon.

Overall – Where has this been all my life?  I love Bulleit Bourbon, and I thought it couldn’t be topped.  But, like a great hitter – they step up to the plate and knock another one out of the park.  I can honestly say, without any qualms, that this is a straight up 5 Star Product – not just a winner in the Rye Whiskey Category.  The level of craftsmanship here is off the charts, and I highly recommend it.  I personally am not a Manhattan Drinker – but this is a liquor that might make me rethink that as well. 

Excellent Excellent Excellent Job – Alby, you MUST go pick this up ASAP.

Cheers -


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