Thursday, December 3, 2009

50th Blog Post and a Contest

Well...I never thought I would get here. I figured I would get bored with blogging (you should see my work blog) and give it up.

Instead, I have had fun with writing about something I enjoy.

In chatting with Randy today, he gave me an idea.

To commemorate the occasion of the 50th Post, we will have a contest. Just go into the comments section and post the oddest name of a pub you have been to. Links are appreciated.

The prize is currently secret, but pretty cool.

Post away, and thanks for reading.


  1. Cheshire Cheese

  2. Mine would have to be "The Rat and Parrot in Bath England (Although the Rat Hole in Montserrat, MO would be a close second)

  3. OK, I was looking through my London pictures and found two more....

    Ye Old Cock and the Freemason's Arm

  4. "Big Dick's Halfway Inn". I stopped there a couple of times when I was delivering medical supplies. Decent burgers, though I never tried their famous "minnow shot" because I was both working and driving.

  5. I forget the name of the bar, but here is a link to the dustiest bar I have ever been to.
    I think it was staffed by Canadians.

  6. Been to Big Dicks! (Home of the original minnow shot at the lake)

  7. Richar Noggins - Closed now, but a real dive bar at the lake. It was a great play on words!


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