Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vodka vs Bourbon

Interesting Article HERE, but I have to disagree.

The worst hangover I ever had was a Vodka one. Now granted, it was cheap cheap CHEAP well Vodka, but it was Vodka none the less.

Also, I wonder where they get the funding for these studies. I could have told you that its the particulates that cause headaches.....and I dont have a PhD.

Of course, no body asked me to participate in the, getting paid $450 to get drunk sounds pretty close to being the greatest job EVER.

Oh well, maybe next time.


  1. First I would lie to say that I should have been part of this study. Getting paid to drink!

    I never get hangovers anymore, however thinking back years ago, my worst hangovers were when drinking Rum and Coke. I always believe that the caffeine was the culprit. I switched to Vodka and 7 and later Vodka and tonic and the pounding hangovers stopped

  2. In college I got paid for an alchohol study where they gave me cognitive tests and made me drink vodka. They breathalyzthed me after each shot and whatnot. I did the tests from a baseline of .00 BAC until I was at .08 BAC. Then they gave me pizza and a check for $50.


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