Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Quick Hits Vol 5

I love this story how “Jack Daniel's Aims to Stay Current by remaining Authentic”.  Considering how Jack Daniel’s was originally 90 Proof, was reduced to 86 Proof and is now only available at 80 Jack HoneyProof, it doesn’t seem that they are staying true to form.  I guess they are more focused on marketing and competing with the “Honey Liquor crowd”.  In fact, a quick search on Amazon shows no less than 4100 Jack Daniel’s related items.  Here are a few classics -

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey on Water Glass (which is actually kinda cool)

Jack Daniel’s Coffee (have you tried this Chris?)

Jack Daniel’s “Father and Son” Set

I understand marketing, but focus on what got you there….good, strong and powerful bourbon.

Next up, we have a PSA – Don’t wave your beer at other drivers

Now, how about some GOOD NEWS – Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Small Business Jobs Preservation Act (H.R. 1639) and a Senate version (S.1461). 

The new Senate bill marks an important milestone in the movement for cigar rights, where after over a decade of exclusively playing defense, cigar smokers finally have a national bill (introduced in both houses of Congress) to support their rights. The FDA is currently authorized by the 2009 Tobacco Control Act to regulate cigars if it wants, even though the bill doesn’t require cigar regulation

Since we are talking about tobacco, here are two other stories that you might find interesting.   From the Department of Pulling Statistics Out of Our Asses – Casual smoking rises among US Students,  and from the Organization of Gee Wiz…Did We Make Money on this Study - Morning Smoking Has Cancer Risk

Finally, I know I swore never to talk about PDiddy again…..but this one is to good to pass up.  It seems his entourage was stopped by customs trying to bring in a (unspecified) large amount in  of his horrible Ciroc Vodka into France. – Story HERE

I know it’s a short Quick Hits this week…..if you have any suggestions or oddities that you saw during the week, send them over.  We’d love to have them. 


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