Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Quick Hits–DUIs, Whiskey and Sports

Obama arrested for DUI

Probably the main story of the week is the week is the arrest of Barak Obama’s “Uncle Omar” for DUI.  While that in itself would be newsworthy, when one adds that he is an illegal immigrant and has been living under a false name…..well, I think you get the picture.  “Uncle Omar” was charged with DUI (blowing a .14) and driving to endanger (with a lesser failing to use a turn signal tacked on).  The driving to endanger is related to him almost striking a police car.  Considering the special treatment the President’s “Aunt Zeiti” got, I wonder what kind of weak sentence he will get….to be followed by legal status and special protection?

US’ Oldest Citizen

marguerite_kuebrichOn a lighter side, America’s oldest citizen – 103 year old Marguerite Kuebrich, has listed the secret to her longevity…..Irish Whiskey and her Irish heritage.  Cheers Marguerite, and well done.

Wal-Mart Sucks

Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, Wal-Mart has canceled a deal to install wine vending machines in some stores.  The story is vague, and I’m not 100% up on the PA Laws (looking at you Chris), but I think this is due to current legislation that restricts liquor licenses to certain types of stores.  The machines (somehow) get by that regulation, which is why Wal-Mart wanted them….but now it seems that Republican lawmakers want to end state oversight.  Since Wal-Mart doesn’t need them, they cancel the contract. 

Breathalyzers at Stadiums?

How about an article where the writer thinks we need breathalyzers for everyone entering sporting events?  As someone who recently went to a game (HERE), I thought the pat down slowed up entry enough, throwing in a sobriety checkpoint is absurd.  While I understand that he wants to curtail some of the problems associated with alcohol at the venue, the real problem is ignored – the incredibly high prices of beer. 

At $7-$8 a beer, more and more people are binge drinking before they arrive at the stadium.  Its after they arrive and the alcohol begins to take effect that they get out of control. 

Further, the guy selling the beer in the seats hardly ever makes direct contact with his point of sale – instead, beer and cash are passed up and down the aisle and he goes away. 

My suggestion is to lower the price of beer to a reasonable level ($5) and to stop selling in the stands.  That way a person has to come and get the beer, possibly being spotted by Ushers or the cashiers as being drunk.  If John Doe has to get up 8 times a game to get beer, he might stay in his seat more and not get so hammered.  Just my two cents.

Best Beer Pong Table Ever

Finally, Football Season is just around the corner – which means tailgating.  I’ve never been a big fan of Beer Pong, but if I had a table this cool, I might consider it.  Check out the video, but be warned – the music is loud, so set your speakers accordingly.


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