Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Threat

I get some pretty funny email sent to S&B, but one that came in the other day has to be one of the best.

I will warn you up front, the language and theme this email takes is not mine, I only quote the email -



subject In hell

Hi Bitch, your Mum still sucking black dicks ? See you im hell retarded bastard, hope you and your family die in hell son of a bitch, and don't forget to always check everything very well if you want to be safe...

It would seem I have a fan.

Of course, this made me want to play Sherlock Holmes and figure out who it is -

First – The domain. is a branding agency based out of London that offers free email addresses, much like Hotmail.

No luck there.

Second is the email address itself - jetenculetrouducul

Apparently this is based on french slang that amounts to “Go Fuck Yourself Asshole”.  Hmmmm….could this be my first clue?

When coupled with recent activity, I think it just might. 

You see, I often troll message boards regarding Asian Snake Wine and post cross links to my articles on their product.  Is it guerilla and juvenile?  You betcha.  Could it prevent someone from being cheated by their company?  Possibly, especially considering – since I ran the series, it has had over 4000 unique page views from around the world.  If only 1% had intention of purchasing…but didn’t in the long run, that is $5,000.  While this may seem small, for transactions in Viet Nam (where this is allegedly produced) that could be huge.

Of course, how do I tie to this?  I only do so with a few broad assumptions – and I put the evidence here for you to decide yourself. 

  • Asiansnakewine is based in Viet Nam – a somewhat French Speaking Nation.
  • The actual business address is in Toulon France (the Post VICTORY shows that verification from PayPal).
  • The email address being European based and have a definitive French “theme”.
  • The Victory Post also contains an example of their writing style that seems to match the most recent email.
  • Finally the Fraud post that showed the condition of the packed I received the snake wine in…..and the allusion that I should check everything I receive.

In the end, this could have absolutely nothing to do with, but it does allow us to have discussion and also reminisce about past blog posts. 

I would love to hear your theories in the comments section below.  Unlike, when a tough comment comes in….I don’t delete them.

TedsWhat makes this even funnier – on the same day I discovered this email in my Spam Folder, I got a very nice box from the great people at Ted’s Cigars.  I won’t get into the contents just yet (this plays to the event on Friday), but I will say I felt no need to check out the contents carefully.

Ted’s is one of those companies that takes Customer Service to higher level.  They also produce a product that I find very superior and would not be ashamed to give to any of my friends.  Everything about their company says “Class” and I highly recommend them to anyone.  Thanks Ted.


  1. Those snakes look plastic and fake (in the pictures) anyway.

  2. @Ed - They actually are looks cool, aside from the rust and bottle.

  3. Hi, I am one of your returning reader but are you sure that defamation is the best way to show how smart you are ? They could sue you and you will lose, especially because you have no evidence of what you are saying, right ?
    Good luck anyway.

  4. @Official Travel News - Thank you for being a return reader. I actually reviewed logs to see if you were, and I found it interesting that you have the same IP address as lovessoccerfoot from the comments section of the Fraud thread. In fact, your post is approximately two hours after theirs, from a different machine, but the same city in Thailand...with you being linked in from Yahoo Mail. Interesting.

    As to defamation - if you notice, I state that I make my statement with broad assumptions (and list the case as to why I state this), and then follow said assertion with the possibility that I am wrong. To qualify as defamation, I have to state that it is fact...which I do not.

    I wish to thank you for being such a frequent follower, as we really do love our Thia readers. That being said, I really do wish you would branch out away from the Asian Snake Wine threads, as that seems to be the main focus of the visits from your IP address. We really do provide realistic reviews, and if one were to expand out, they would see that it really does take a horrid product (such as Asian Snake Wine, to which I am now in discussion with USPS and US Customs to see if it is even legal to ship into the US) to exact such a negative response from us.


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