Monday, August 8, 2011

DUI- On a Beer Cooler?

Ok, I am so glad that this didn’t happen in the US – because it would really cause my head to explode. 

I get the desire to be draconian when it comes to DUIs, but sometimes common sense should prevail.  Who is he really going to hurt (besides himself)?  A drivers license is not required on a 50cc (its less than a Vespa that kids under 18 can drive) and to call a motor vehicle is laughable to the Nth degree.

Of course, people are charged with driving lawn  mowers drunk, so who knows.  My challenge to police officers everywhere, go to golf courses and ticket golfers driving carts…..its in the same vein as this.

Driver of Motorized Beer Cooler Charged With Drunk Driving

NOOSA, Australia -- An Australian man caught driving a motorized cooler box through a beachside resort town appeared in court charged with drunk driving, The Courier Mail reported Monday.
SkooterChristopher Ian Petrie, 23, faces charges of driving under the influence and driving without a license after police caught him on the makeshift vehicle, which was powered by a 50cc engine.
The incident took place on June 16 in Noosa on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, north of Brisbane.
Petrie's lawyers won an adjournment from magistrate John Parker as they sought to establish "whether a motorized esky [cooler box] was in fact a motor vehicle."
An amused Parker inquired with Petrie about his cooler box's performance.
"How much beer can it hold?" he asked the defendant. Petrie told the court the cooler box could hold "at least a couple of cartons."
He will re-appear in court August 16.

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