Friday, August 5, 2011

Another reason not to go to South Africa

Here is your WTF story of the day, and since we are a site called Smokes and Booze, you know what’s involved.

South African racehorse owner who spilled whisky on Zuma guilty of assault

A man has been convicted of assault for spilling a glass of whisky on South African president Jacob Zuma.

Daryl Peense says the incident at a horse race in Durban in 2010 was a drunken accident. But the 34-year-old racehorse owner was found guilty at a magistrates' court in the city on Wednesday.

The court heard that Peense deliberately spilt the drink on Zuma from a balcony as the South African president walked underneath him.

Zuma's bodyguard, constable Funani Nemaenzhe, told the court he saw Peense pour a drink from a balcony on to the president's entourage.

Peense said he spilt the drink near Zuma but it did not touch him. Legal fees for fighting the assault charge had ruined him financially. "It's destroyed my life."

Peense is due to be sentenced in September. Prosecutors have asked for him to be fined.

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