Thursday, August 18, 2011

When Twitter Attacks

I love this story.

Not because someone used social media to criticize a service/establishment, I do that all the time and think that is turning into standard practice, but of the the woman's final tweet saying-

“she exited the restaurant "in tears after the GM called up and asked the bartender to hand me the phone.”

Hey people, there ARE consequences to saying negative things.  In the immortal words of Spiderman – With Great Power comes Great Responsibility. 

I say some negative things all the time (just read yesterday’s Bloody Mary Mix review), but I also will stand by it and accept any consequences.  Hell, I might have even been threatened.

Grow some thick skin lady….its not worth crying about.

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Insulting Restaurant Staff On Twitter While You're Still In The Restaurant Might Get You Kicked Out Of Restaurant

Think of this as the counter-point to the earlier Twitter-related post. A diner at a Houston restaurant was given the boot after she decided to Tweet her opinion of the staff while she was still at the eatery.

According to the restaurant's owner, a manager was checking out Twitter from home when he saw a Tweet from the customer calling the establishment's bartender a "twerp." The Houston Press reports that she also used the hashtag #jackoff in her since-deleted Tweet. The manager called the restaurant to speak to the diner and then told her to leave.

"Any business is allowed to set the tone of their establishment," explains the restaurant's owner to KPRC-TV. "If you go to someone's house and start calling them names, I wouldn't really expect to stay too much longer after that."

The booted diner took to Twitter once more as she was leaving, saying she exited the restaurant "in tears after the GM called up and asked the bartender to hand me the phone. He proceeded to curse at me and ask me to leave."

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