Monday, August 29, 2011

For the Sports Fan in your life

Football Season is upon us, and I’m sure there are the die hard fans out there that have been counting down the days.  In addition to those die hard fans, I am sure there are countless spouses, friends and/or partners out there that are also caught up in the excitement, but only because of their significant other. 

It’s those people that I want to address today.

Have you ever found it hard to find that perfect gift for that special someone in your life?  Have you ever sent flowers, but gotten a less than enthusiastic “They were great honey, thanks” response?  Have you ever wondered what to get that special man in your life, to send as just a reminder of how special he is?

Search no more.

Enter – The Beer BouquetLogo

Beer Bouquet is s a unique gift that is sent via the mail that I would almost guarantee will bring a smile to any recipients face.

Containing a 6 pack of beer (at the time of this writing, there were 26 different choices, including 4 non-alcoholic options), a bag of peanuts and an Ice Bucket with their favorite sports logo on it.  There is even a Coozie and bottle opener thrown in as well.  What sports fan wouldn’t love this?

I received mine just before the 4th of July Weekend, and quite honestly…I was as giddy as a schoolgirl.  I actually remember thinking as I opened the box – “I can’t believe I’m getting beer shipped to me”.  My smile was huge.


Inside I found a very innovative packing solution, that has each item secured in its place.  Aside from some serious hard hitting, you can see that the contents are going to come through unscathed.  P7010378

The beer selection was the Boulevard Line, and there was a fairly broad selection, ranging from the light ZoN to the Bully Porter. 

I honestly cannot speak to the peanuts, because my (at the time) 8 year old son James ran off with them while I was doing photos.  By the time I tracked them down – he had already cleared most of the bag and just let him finish them.  He did give them two thumbs up however, so that is a bonus.

P7010379The bucket is your standard pail, with a removable decal (in this case celebrating July 4th) that could easily be reused – not only as a beer bucket, but for numerous other “around the house” and “manly” things.

Finally, who can’t use a Beer Coozie and a bottle opener?  You can never seem to have enough of either around, and the bottle opener is on my key ring as we speak.

While I could see some people balking at the $49.99 +S&H price tag, I want you to consider this.  Its not about the price….its really not.  Instead, its about catching someone by surprise and having them feel like kids at Christmas, opening a box and seeing the wonderment as they realize that you really care.  When one considers that Roses run close to (if not more than) the same price, its not that much of a stretch.

Bucket 2BucketSo, with the Irish and the Tigers playing this Saturday – why don’t you visit now and surprise your favorite fan today?  When you see the smile, you can thank me for it later.

Cheers and Go Irish and Go Tigers!

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