Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gordon–Take off your jacket

As reality show junkies, we love Gordon Ramsay here in our house.

I really dig watching Hell’s Kitchen, even more so when in the UK…as the don’t censor, fewer commercials and the stupid tension moments when making a decision are removed.  The only thing I don’t get…..wth is risotto so popular.  I get that Beef Wellington shows off a certain culinary skill….but risotto?  Oh well, Gordon knows best…..just maybe not with Gin.

You see, Gordon Ramsey has been the pitch man for Gordon’s Gin, apparently for some time when one considers -

“In November 2009, Ramsay was blamed by industry insiders for a 3% slump in sales of Gordon’s.”

Well, now it appears that Gordon’s Gin has decided to drop him as the face due to these problems, although I personally doubt that Mr. Ramsay is totally to blame here.  I find Gordon’s to be an inferior Gin and not one that I would make a staple of my bar.  Instead, I would be going towards the great small batch Gin’s (check THIS out) vs the mass produced medicinal liquors of Gordon’s.

When one takes into account the stupid marketing campaign (an example below), you can tell that the two are not a very good fit – except in name recognition only.


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