Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Worst Product of the Year?

Not very often do I go on a tirade.  Well, ok….sometimes I do.  Today is one of those days.

Remember back when you were a little kid?  The world was full of  wonder, magic was real and nobody was tougher than your Dad.

Remember going through comic books and seeing the ads that promised never ending fun – Boxes of Army men, 12' Weather Balloons, Charles Atlas.  It all seemed so real. 

Remember Sea-Monkeys?

sea monkies

I sure do. 

I also remember the disappointment of learning they were brine shrimp, that they didn’t really have crown heads and smile, and that the only thing they were good for was to feed Dad’s fish.  What a waste.

Flash forward to Debi and I going to Vegas a few years ago.  The hotel we stayed at had a great Bloody Mary bar, that she brought me drinks out of.  She went to great lengths to find the perfect one for me, you could put together any imaginable combination, and the one I liked best was made with Wasabi.  I love my wife.

Now, as many of you know….I like flavors –Hops, Peat, Burn – they all are what I strive for.  From drinking Prairie Fires with Glenn way back in the 80s to laying on the spicy when I go for Chinese.  That is the way I roll. 

Flash forward to present day (just past the good Bloody Mary bar at the Rams game), and this review.

Modmix Wasabi Bloody Mary Mix


I really don’t know where to go with this review other than to say this product sucked.  I’m again taken back to my childhood, when Wendy’s ran the “Where's the Beef?” commercial.

Where’s the Wasabi? 

The company’s own website says “a snap of real Japanese Wasabi”, but I didn’t get it.  I honestly thought I was drinking stale V8.  Actually, stale V8 tastes better.  

A thick mess that lacked any flavor or “Zing”, I really thought my palette was off.

I gave James a sip (of just the mix, no alcohol added) and he said “Tastes like weak Tomato Juice”.  When an 9 year old thinks your mix is weak….its time for ModMix to  think of a new profession.

I won’t go into much more here.  I won’t divulge the Vodka I was using, as I don’t want to sully their name or associate it here.

I will admit that I tried mixing two separate drinks, and both were horrible….so much so that I poured the 2nd out and didn’t finish it.  For people that know me….they know that is a testament in it’s own right.

I could rip this product apart on so many levels, but I won’t….because that would require me to drink more of it.  Instead, suffice it to say – Weakest “Spicy” Mixer ever, ZERO Stars and currently the leading candidate for Worst Product of the Year.

I realize that there will be people that love this mixer, but if you want my opinion -Avoid at all costs, go with Major Peters or the Tabasco Mixers instead.


  1. I never drank the snake wine....the customer service is what sucked there. The bottle looks cool though and I got my money that was a win.

  2. Prairie Fires... the only way to drink tequila.

    I'm not a Bloody Marry drinker... so it is not a concern for me. But, this is what you get when your marketing does not match the product. Been seeing this more and more with "spiced" products. Proof in marketing, corporations need to step up and make their products resemble their marketing.

    As to spice in general... Ed you stated that you like burn, spice, hell... I know you like a little "stank" on your business! The compounding problem is that "hot" is very personalized term. We should set up a taste test of spice, chillies and booze. Lets set up a "burn" test and set our scale, this will let you further grade your products. We would need light weights to the burn master supreme tasters. This could be fun and painful. LOL

  3. You know Glenn, to be honest (and after speaking with you, I think I should be), there was one part that I left from my piece.

    When I read it on the companies website, it made me just want to end the review...not because it bothered me, but because I knew someone would say I was sexist for saying it, so out it comes- ModMix is a Woman owned company.

    Now this has Zero impact on my review, but I do believe that it plays to why I didnt like the product.

    Alby hits on it briefly in his post above, where he suggests a taste test to see how hot something is. There is such a thing (the Scoville Scale) for peppers...but how do you rate Wasabi?

    I actually think that it goes further than that - ie, Women and Men have different palettes. This is not a negative remark, but fact of life. What my wife finds hot and spicy is mild to me.

    So, perhaps this female led company believes they truely are putting out a product with "Zing". It just didnt work for me.

  4. In my opinion the only way to drink a bloody marry is to make your own mix. Having said that I have a review coming out in a couple of weeks from a local (KC) company that has several different bottle mixes, on of which has a mix of vitamins and minerals that are formulated to give you an energy boost.


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