Thursday, August 4, 2011

Booze Cruise–A Shoe Review????

Yes, you read that right, a SHOE REVIEW here at Smokes and Booze, this one written by my own wife – Debi.  You’ll get an outline of her story below as to how she got them.  Me personally, they are cute with the little XXX Liquor Bottles on them….and they make her happy.  So a win win.

So, without further ado – Here is her “Review”

Booze Cruise

One of my current shoe obsessions is with a company called Iron Fist.

They have some stuff that is WAY out there, but they have some more subtle shoes as well and one of them happens to be called Booze Cruise.

As soon as I saw them, I knew they were a “must have”. Half jokingly I said to Ed – “So sweetie, if I find a pair of shoes with booze bottles on them, and I promise to wear them, will you buy them for me?” His answer “sure” - now, I didn’t realize until he answered me that he had fallen asleep, but hey, I got the “yes” as far as I was concerned, so order them I did.

Booze CruiseMy Booze Cruise shoes came in yesterday and they are awesome. They fit great, are super comfortable and I’ve gotten tons of compliments! No one has noticed the jugs, skulls, or anchors that actually adorn them. If you’re looking for a fun, cute, easy to wear shoe, Booze Cruise is the way to go.

Ed Note – If you are interesting in purchasing the above, follow this LINK

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