Monday, August 1, 2011


I thought I would share with you a funny story in the aftermath of “Gin Night

Today, two days later, my son James wanted fish sticks and french fries for lunch. 

So, being the dutiful Dad that I am, I go to the cabinet and pull out the vegetable oil and set it to heat up in a pot on the burner while baking the fish sticks.

Approximately 10 minutes later, everything seems normal and throw the fries into the oil and go back to my office.

I return about 5 minutes later to see that the fries are not cooking as I expected, so I crank the heat up a bit (thinking that the potato cut fries must have cooled the oil somewhat) and go back to my office for another 5 minutes. 

When I comeback, I notice an interesting smell in the kitchen, AND the fries are soggy.  I take a taste of one….only to find a fruity taste and no oil at all.

It SEEMS that the Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice bottle left over from Gin Night looks surprisingly like that of the oil we use.  I had been boiling the fries in juice vs oil and had ruined them all.


Note to self……keep mixers away from rest of cooking ingredients in future.

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