Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Just for Randy–Hemingway Daiquiri

I’m torn on Cuba.  I realize there is lots history there between our two countries, and I understand the embargo (although it is somewhat dated – ala Apartheid in South Africa).  I just wish Castro would hurry up and die so we can just annex it and create another state.  This stops the immigration, opens up the tobacco fields and creates a new tourist location for Americans. 

The story below should be particularly interesting to Randy….and I officially name him Ambassador representing Smokes and Booze in negotiations to gain access into the bar.  Also, after the jump is a great vid on how to make a Hemingway Daiquiri -

Hemingway Bar: Cuba's Clever Daiquiri Diplomacy

Small scoop, but on October 6th, the Cuban Interests Section (aka, the Cuban Embassy if we ever get back to normalizing relations) will launch a clever bit of public diplomacy by opening "Hemingway's Bar."

Of course, one has to be invited as the bar is on Cuba's side of the line inside its sort-of-embassy, and my hunch is that some will make the list and others won't. Sorry Ileana (and Mario).

And as commerce can't change hands between Americans and Cubans -- the drinks will be free. I plan to go and will want a "Hemingway Daiquiri" -- double the rum, and no sugar.

To read more of the article – Click HERE

Hemingway Daiquiri

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